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 Formation : 	Successful presentations in english

Successful presentations in english

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Objectifs de la formation

  • Effectively prepare a presentation in English Acquire common expressions used in the English-speaking world during presentations
  • Ability to manage general questions and difficult personalities


1.Where Do You Want to Go ?
  • the seven basic steps
practical case : exchange pratices

2. How Do You Communicate ?
  • verbal content
  • vocal interest
  • body language
Exercices : training communication skills

3. When You Feel the Fear…
  • outline your purpose
  • analyze your audience
  • identify the needs of your audience

4. Confidence Matters
  • across a crowded room
  • ready, willing and able
  • a sense of perspective
  • the look, the feel, the sound
Excercices : training confidence

5. The Main Objective
  • is this really necessary ?
  • and the point is ?
  • now hear this

6. Know Your Audience
  • putting your audience first
  • the four learning styles
  • how to adapt to them
Simulations : individual presentation

7. Words, Words, Words
  • the sweet KISS of success
  • it's all in the timing
  • the one-man think tank
  • think ahead - plan ahead

8. When You Come to the End - Stop
  • the intro and the “outro”
  • what was it all about ?
  • closing comments
  • happy endings The challenge
  • the 'call to action' The-feel good' factor

9. Curtain UP!
  • quotations, humour
  • questions ?
  • teasers
  • creating motivation
Simulations : individual presentation

10. Selecting and Using Visual Aids
  • whiteboard and pen Flipcharts
  • computer-based displays
  • video, film

11. Setting the Scene
  • please be seated
  • the intimate brain storm
  • the little things that count

12. Questions, Answers and Hecklers
  • why ? when ?
  • taking control of audience questions
  • the three basic secrets of handling questions
  • what to do when you don't know the answer
  • Dr Heckle; Mr Jibe
  • the good, the bad and the ugly
Simulations : individual presentation
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  • All persons making presentations in English
Pré requis
Have a level of understanding and expression proper English
Points Forts

Training with a presentation on all aspects

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