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Finance for non financial managers

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Pourquoi choisir cette formation ?

If you are a non-financial manager who feels daunted by discussions with finance professionals and want to quickly grasp the essentials of finance, this two-day Finance for Non-Financial Managers programme is for you.   You will acquire a strong grounding in the most widely used financial tools. You will learn about financial reporting in balance sheets, cash flow and income statements, and how it is used for decision-making, performance management, business improvements and valuation.


  • Acquiring a strong working knowledge of the main financial reports
  • Getting a better understanding of the main financial concepts
  • Understanding the financial impact of transactions undertaken in a business
1. Accounting and financial environment
  • the accounting principles
  • why are the different financial standard formats need?
2. Understanding the different financial statements
  • definition of balance sheet (B&S)
  • definition of the profit and loss (P&L)
  • why and how the P&L and the B&S put together?
3. Analysing the P&L
  • to understand the different margin levels: Gross Profit, EBITDA, EBIT, Operating Profit, Net profit after tax…
  • key concepts of financial ratios, EBITDA/NET SALES, WAGES/NET SALES: how do these factors deliver performance?
  • to benchmark with other companies
Worshop: to build a financial analysis from P&L figures
4. Analysing the Balance Sheet
  • main accounts
  • the fixed assets, the working capital and net cash
  • two different definitions: liquidity and time, liabilities and equity
  • the main working capital ratios and other B&S ratios (debt ratios, ROCE, Roe…)
Worshop: to build a financial analysis through a standard firm and one being having problems from P&L and B&S figures
5. Understanding the Cash flow statement
  • the difference between profit and cash flow
  • the sources of cash flow
  • cash flow from operating activities, from investing, from financing and the free cash flow
  • how to calculate and reconciliate cash flow from P&L and B&S figures?
Workshop: to elaborate cash flow statement and prepare comments. How has the CF increased or decreased over the fiscal year?
6. Identifying the main sources of finance
  • long term sources: equity, disposals, borrowings, loans
  • leverage effect
  • working capital: how to manage and to optimize it?
  • net cash: exploring the different requirements of grants, equity and loan funder
  • evaluating the cost of each source of finance
Workshop: to compare two sources of finance: lease loan and borrowings
7. Investment appraisal
  • to define an global investment policy
  • to calculate the performance of investments
  • to evaluate the Discounted Cash Flows
  • to use specific criteria: Net Present Value, Internal Rate of Return, PAY-BACK…
Points forts

Points forts

  • Identification of the objectives of the company
  • Collection of the operational expectations of the participants
  • One day dedicated to the realization of a business game to put into practice its experiences
  • An english/french glossary given to each participant
  • Construction of practical cases inspired by the professional context of the participants
  • Elaboration of a specific educational documentation
Public et prérequis


Managers - Directors - Business Owners with little or no experience in financial matters


Good level of current conversational English is necessary
Jusqu'a -30%
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